2015, Here We Come!

happy new year 2015New Year, new you…we all hear that every year about this time, but who in the world actually wants to be a new person? Haven’t you spent a few (or more than a few) decades getting to know the real you and is it even really possible to recreate yourself every single year?  I’m not sure.  So what if we look at it like this, New Year-a new chance to be your very best, authentic self?  Yes, I can totally get behind that!!! Continue reading

Joyful, Peaceful, Grateful

magicThis is truly one of my favorite times of the year!  Holiday parties, spending time with family and friends, great food, festive outfits, beautiful makeup, the smell of Christmas trees and celebration is in the air! It always feels so magical, special and stressful! Is it just me that thinks this absolutely wonderful time of year can create anxiety that would rival the signing of your first mortgage?  Why is that? It’s probably different for everyone to an extent, but most of us just try doing way too much in way too little time!

For someone like me that is chronically overscheduled, this time of year will put you into overdrive!  I think you can always fit in one more stop to visit someone you love, make one more appetizer, or wrap one more gift. I also have this very idealist approach…if someone I know shows an interest in an item or says they would like something, I do everything in my power to make it happen.  I think that is probably because I was so lucky to grow up in a loving home with amazing Christmas traditions and I believe in the idea that everyone should have that special moment on Christmas morning when they open a gift that is a complete surprise and they think….Santa really was listening! Continue reading

Patience and Perspective

thanksssHave you ever hear the John Lennon quote, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”?  That is exactly what happened to me this year at Thanksgiving! As Tim, Marley and I were heading to Raleigh the day before Thanksgiving, we were talking about what we are thankful for and I was making notes for a “thankful” post to share with all of you.  We were listing pretty typical things: family, friends, health, knowledge, life experiences, etc.  Little did I know that 12 hours later my list would change dramatically! Continue reading

Givers Gift Guide-All Under $100

My_Favorite_Things_Linkup_2014Now that it’s officially December, we are officially in the full swing of the Christmas season.  I know a lot of people started decorating weeks ago, but we always wait until after Thanksgiving to break out the Mistletoe candles.   We usually get our tree from the church right down the street the morning after Thanksgiving and decorate all weekend long. That way we have a month or so to enjoy the 3,000-4,000 lights on the tree (I know I have a light problem) and it makes it worth the hours and hours I spend putting up those lights! This year things didn’t go exactly as planned… more to come on that story next week.

So if you are wondering what in the world to get your mom, a special friend, or anyone on your gift list, check out this list of gifts all under $100.  Hopefully some of these ideas will help!Under $100   Continue reading