Eyebrows…the picture frame of your face!

brow picture frameAs a makeup artist, one of the things I hear the most is…”don’t look at my eyebrows”!  That is always so funny to me because first of all, how is that even possible? Second of all, that means they know their brows are important and they are pretty sure they have neglected to pay attention to them.  Now I know brow maintenance can be expensive and even painful at times, but it is necessary.  Our eyebrows are the picture frame of our face and we cannot ignore them.  When you first meet a person, where is the very first place you look? At their eyes! Which part of our face is said to be the window to our soul? Our eyes! What feature do most women “play up” the most up with makeup? Their eyes!

From tweezing to waxing to threading, there are lots of options for how to keep your brows in check.  If you are nervous about shaping them yourself, go to a professional.  Then, you will have a blueprint to follow for your routine maintenance at home.

While there are a variety of shapes, you can’t go wrong with these three basic rules:

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Stay in your lane!

This is honestly something I say all the time! I have actually said it so many times and to so many people over the years, that people will say it back to me….as if to say, see I’m staying in my lane. stay in your laneThe Urban dictionary definition of staying in your own lane is-mind your own business; keep moving straight ahead and don’t veer over into my personal affairs. I actually think it is so much more than this simple definition.  I often say it’s like driving in a car. If you are in the left lane and try to get in the right lane without signaling, you can easily get into an accident.  I think that’s a great analogy for life. If we try to get in someone else’s lane, try to control things that are not in our purview or choose not to stay focused on our own lives, we can get into a mess.

So often we get totally wrapped up in-what if this or that happens? What if so and so does this or that? Ok, what if they do? Is that something that is really in your lane? In reality, there are only a few things we can really control anyway, so why not give those things a majority of your attention?  Unfortunately it seems like the things we have zero control over are the things we worry about the most.  Think about it this way, researchers at the University of Cincinnati found that only 85% of what we worry about never even happens! What would happen if you spent at least 85% of your time and energy focusing on the 15% of things that actually happen? Would you be more productive, more successful, or more peaceful?  The great Mark Twain approached it this way, “My life has been filled with calamities, some of which actually happened.”  Continue reading

What will your legacy be?

So have to start my share time with you today by being completely honest and admitting that I did not follow my own advice last week…I did not listen to my stomach.  I actually did the exact opposite and fell into a big mess!  It caused a lot of unnecessary stress, tension and maybe a few ugly words.  To make a very long story short, when someone asked if I could pay for a business expense, my gut said not to do it… for some strange reason that I cannot explain, I did it anyway and it didn’t end well. To the point of almost lashing out at the lady at American Airlines, tears and a overly stressful Friday afternoon.  The good news is, if I had of trusted my gut this wouldn’t have happened, so my post on listening to your stomach (aka gut) works! I’m making a conscience effort to do better this week! ;-) Disclaimer-This is a part of my relentless need to find the silver lining to every cloud!

Ok, now on to the message for this week:

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Listen to your stomach!

Have you ever been in situation where you were totally confused? Didn’t know which way to go? You didn’t know what to do? You had no idea how to get there from here (wherever there is)?  If you said no to all of these, I need your number so I can get your secret! ;-)

Quite a few years ago, a friend of mine was going through a difficult time and she asked me for advice. I told her to-listen to her stomach.  She quickly looked at me and said listen to my what?  I said, listen to your stomach. listen to your stomachYour heart will tell you one thing; your head will tell you something else, so listen to your stomach.  It took her a while to understand what I was telling her, but when she got it she really got it and it worked! Now she uses that piece of advice when making big decisions and I’m happy to say she is super successful in her personal and professional life!

This also reminds me of a time in my own life when things were not going particularly well. Although I had a great career working in politics, there were a lot of things that were off…I mean really off.  I specifically remember a day when a coworker of mine (an older lady that I only saw about once a month) asked me if everything was ok. I thought this was super odd since I have a habit, good or bad, of always trying to seem like everything is great (I try to seem even happier when things are terrible, so I’m sure my “happy” meter was on overdrive).  Maybe that was what tipped her off.  Maybe it was because I had lost weight and didn’t even realize it. Maybe it was because she was just older and wiser.  Who knows, but she definitely knew and she knew immediately!  I thought to myself…how could she know that my insides were doing summersaults?  She has no idea what is going on in my life. Continue reading