How to keep your beauty routine when traveling

Between Spring Break and summer vacations coming up, now is the perfect time to commit to your beauty routine while traveling.  sunnySeems simple enough right, but who actually takes time while decompressing and relaxing to think about things like that? Most of us don’t,  but we all should. Think about it, with social media pictures rampant (and once a picture is out there, it’s out there) don’t we all want to look our best? Of course we do, so keep reading to find out a few simple tips on how to have a fabulous face during your next getaway!

waterFirst, hydration is key! Most of us get out of our water routine (making sure we drink 8 full glasses every day) when we travel, but that doesn’t mean it’s less important. While at home, I literally walk around all day long with a 20 ounce Tervis Tumbler of water and I never get in the car to go even 2 miles without making sure it’s full!  That’s obviously more difficult on an exotic island, but not impossible.  The last few years when we go to Key West in the spring, as soon as we get there, we stop at the local grocery store and buy a case of bottled water. That way there is always access to water while we are in our room, but we can also take a bottle while walking or biking around the island.  If you are flying to your destination of choice, we know that planes are notoriously dehydrating… so as painful as it may be to buy that $4 bottle at the airport, do it-your body (and skin) will thank you!

Second, yes-you still need to wash your face every night before going to bed! I know it’s much easier to say it’s not a big deal or one night can’t hurt.  Well, if you’re on a week long trip and every night is that one night, that’s a week of gunk on your face while your body is resting and repairing. Gross! Just take a few minutes to at least wash your face each night…even if you don’t apply all your usual nightly lotions and potions, at least it’s clean. While I’m talking about skincare, it is important to pack your normal products in travel sizes. I mean, who wants a breakout or reaction to a new product while on vacay? Continue reading

Do you feel beautiful?

Why or why not? Do you feel beautiful because you work really hard to take great care of yourself inside and out? Do you not feel beautiful because others have criticized, judged or ridiculed you in the past? How we feel about ourselves seems to be largely impacted by what we think others think about us.  Just writing and reading that sounds crazy, but it happens every day.

cc quote 4Coco Chanel famously said-“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”. This is a much healthier way to look at beauty, yet so few people have truly mastered it. For example, if you ask most women (and men for that matter) what their most attractive asset is; they would probably have to think for a minute to come up with something…if they can at all.  Rather than immediately saying-my confidence, my intelligence, my strength, my loyalty is beautiful! We tie our outward appearance (and other’s perception of our appearance) to our inner confidence and that is exactly why we, as a society, struggle with low self-esteem and can easily be destroyed by one comment by a stranger on social media. Continue reading

What would you do if you had no fear of failure?

Would you go skydiving? Accept your dream job? Get married? Have a child? Just imagine, if you had no fear…no chance of failure, what would you do? What could you do?

A couple months ago I was introduced to Our Greatest Fear,greatest fear by Marianne Williamson. I wasn’t familiar with this poem, but as soon as I heard it-it literally struck a chord in me. Like an instant awakening! Shortly thereafter I shared it with one of my dearest friend on earth. Since that day, he has had it prominently displayed in his office where he can see it, read it and be inspired by it every day. I would like to think that is just a small piece of the puzzle to his recent decision to obtain his Master’s Degree! Continue reading

Me time…it’s necessary, not selfish

me-time223Have you ever heard someone say-oh I wish I could take the time to go do something for myself, but I just don’t have time. Of course you have!  We hear people say things like that all the time. We (very often women) refuse to take time for ourselves. We have been socially conditioned to think that if we take a couple hours, an hour or even just 30 minutes to do something we really want to do, that it is somehow selfish. I’m not sure exactly how or why that mentality began, but we desperately need to change it! How in the world are we supposed to be our best self if we can’t do some of the things we want to do for our self?

I completely understand and respect that we all have responsibilities, obligations and more commitments than we can possibly accomplish in any given day, but can we really do those to the best of our ability if we are secretly harboring at least some resentment that it’s not what we really want to be doing? If we are honest with ourselves (I admit it’s not always an easy thing to do), I think we would find that to be the case. Continue reading

First 5K, Checked Off My Bucket List!

I’ve mentioned before how important music is in our lives, but little did I know that a shared love of music would ultimately create an opportunity check5k_hoverfor me to check off a bucket list item.  It all started a few years ago when my husband Tim was at a store looking for a particular CD and he met a local university professor, Dr. Dan.   While waiting for this CD to be placed on the shelves (yep, they were the first ones there that morning) they struck up a conversation. Fast forward a few years, Tim and Dr. Dan have since kept in touch and that one conversation grew into a friendship.

Dr. Dan recently invited Tim and I to participate in the Miracle League’s 2nd Annual 5K. If you’re not familiar with the Miracle League, it provides children and adults with special needs the chance to play baseball…some for the very first time in their lives ( ). They have an amazing facility and we heard some very touching stories last weekend about the impact they are making on children’s lives in our community.

On to the race!  Continue reading