What is your WHY?

what is your whyDo you ever ask yourself why? Why do you wake up, get out of bed and tackle the day? Why are you in that job, married to that person or on that course in life?  I feel like most people are asking themselves these questions, at least on occasion, because I literally have people share with me weekly that they are indeed asking this very important question…why? Continue reading

Who or what is your anchor?

what is your anchorA dear friend of mine frequently wears a beautiful diamond anchor necklace. I started noticing  that every time I saw her, she was wearing it and I finally asked…what is the meaning of the anchor? She said it was her late mother-in-law’s and her family gave it to her to represent that she is the anchor of the family. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to meet her mother-in-law, but I have come to understand she was an amazing women with tremendous strength and a giving heart. How appropriate that this wonderful person was the anchor for her family!

It seems like we all have some anchor in our life…a person, activity or place we go to find inner strength.  I think the people who are most successful, happy and at peace can immediately tell you  who or what is their anchor.  Of course that made  me think…who or what is my anchor? Continue reading