What are you celebrating today?

Most of us do not have birthdays, weddings, or major celebrations every day, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to celebrate every day. Are you breathing, healthy, happy, have a stable home, loving family, amazing friends? If you answered yes to any of these, you have something to celebrate!

This past week has been such a wonderful week of celebrations! The festivities kicked off Thursday at the Celebrating Hope Luncheon hosted by Women of Hope (a not for profit organization that supports women with cancer and their families). I was thrilled and honored to be the keynote speaker for this very special event! I wanted to share a few of the points from the lunch with you too, so here are three of my favorites: Continue reading

My journey to a dream

MA crownI remember like it was yesterday; it was a Saturday night in late June when I watched Kelly Dawn Fletcher be crowned Miss North Carolina 1989 and my life was forever changed. It was in that very moment I realized my dream was to become Miss North Carolina. Throughout the next few years I watched every June as one young woman was given the unique and wonderful opportunity to travel the state of NC making appearances, compete at Miss America and to leave a lasting impact that would resonate for years to come.

The first Miss North Carolina I had the chance to meet in person, was Jennifer Vaden Smith, Miss NC 1991. To say I was smitten, star struck and speechless is an understatement! Not only was she incredibly beautiful, approachable and all around amazing, she was petite like me and she instantly stole my heart. If there was any question in my mind about my future goals, they were all answered the moment I met Jennifer. Continue reading

What happens between the dates, in the “dash”?

Granny-editThis is by far the most difficult post I have ever written, as it is the most personal of all of them combined. It’s not about me, but about my Grandmother-Granny Reason. On August 26th Granny said she said she wanted to “go home” from the rehab facility where she was recovering from a recent fall. Granny was all packed up and ready to go, but told my aunt she needed to lay down and rest for a minute because she was so tired. The truth is, she was tired…very tired. Throughout her 80 years, she was a woman of tremendous faith, a devoted wife for more than 50 years and a dedicated mother to 6 children. Continue reading