Learn, Grow, Teach

teach learn growAs a Pirate (Alumni of East Carolina University) and a huge football fan, I was interested to watch as Earnest Byner spoke to the 2015-2016 ECU football team last week during the first day of practice. He comes to the meeting with incredible credentials; 14 year career in the NFL-playing for the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins and a member of the ECU Hall of Fame.

He referenced some great life lessons in the speech-being clear on your intentions, having discipline, personal development and the benefits of teamwork. In my opinion, the most profound part of his speech was when he talked about the cycle and requirement to learn, grow and teach. It certainly applies to all of the people in that room, but I think it goes much further than that…I think it applies to all of us every day (you can watch the entire speech here).

It is almost the rhythm of life…we begin learning the day we are born (hopefully we continue to learn every day throughout our life) and once we learn, we grow. As individuals, as a society, as family members, friends, and employers/employees…we grow. Unfortunately sometimes that growth comes at a price or as a sacrifice. growThe price could be a failed marriage, a layoff from a job or from some unforeseen heartache, but ultimately we grow. ***When we do not grow from these experiences, we have genuinely missed an opportunity and often we have done so at a high price. Once we grow, it is up to all of us to pay it forward and teach others.

Honestly, I can see how all of these things are happening simultaneously in my life all the time. I certainly continue to learn and grow each day, which I think is really exciting! Through my experiences in life I have learned a ton about skincare & cosmetics and being a business owner/entrepreneur, about politics and campaigning, about event planning, and how to be competitive in multiple arenas. In each of these experiences I have grown tremendously and I am forever grateful.  Now, as a life coach, I teach others how to bring out their true and authentic self-as the owner of dana L Skincare & Cosmetics, I teach makeup application techniques and how to care for your skin-as a Pure Barre instructor, I teach the method of Life, Tone & Burn. Every day my goal is to share what I have learned in an effort to help someone else grow. I also hope that they will, in turn, teach someone else.

Learn 2 editI believe this how we create a movement, it is how we create change and it is how we improve…as individuals and as a society. As I move through my daily activities this week, I will be extra diligent to make sure I learn, grow and teach each and every day. My hope is that occurs for you as well!

Learn, Grow, Teach…in the process, Get Flossy!

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