Happy Birthday-Get Flossy!

happy-birthday-ballons-wallpaperJust over a year ago I began a brand new adventure when I wrote and published the very first post on Get Flossy! I had no idea where the journey would take me, but I was up for the challenge and excited about the possibilities.  Throughout the past year I have shared my thoughts and fears, explored questions and definitely followed my curiosity. Along the way, I have learned so much about people, life and myself. Continue reading

What do you take for granted?

somebody-is-praying-for-the-blessings-you-take-for-granted Your health, your family, friends, career, access to education, the ability to drive a car, hot water, electricity…from the most important and irreplaceable, to things we use every day without a second thought, most of us take a lot for granted as we move about our daily lives. What would you do without any one of those? How would your life change? Continue reading