Be Yourself!

imageI’m sure you’ve heard, just be yourself, a million times. But what does it mean and how do you do it? It is so easy to be pressured to do this, encouraged to do that or even guilted in to doing something else, which can make it difficult to remember who we are as an individuals. So often we change who we are, like we change clothes. We base it on who we are with, what we are doing or who we think we should be.  But, who are you at your core? What is most important to you?  We can all get  caught up at times with everything and everyone else, but we can only find real happiness when we are content from thimagee inside out. Continue reading

Do you feel beautiful?

Why or why not? Do you feel beautiful because you work really hard to take great care of yourself inside and out? Do you not feel beautiful because others have criticized, judged or ridiculed you in the past? How we feel about ourselves seems to be largely impacted by what we think others think about us.  Just writing and reading that sounds crazy, but it happens every day.

cc quote 4Coco Chanel famously said-“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”. This is a much healthier way to look at beauty, yet so few people have truly mastered it. For example, if you ask most women (and men for that matter) what their most attractive asset is; they would probably have to think for a minute to come up with something…if they can at all.  Rather than immediately saying-my confidence, my intelligence, my strength, my loyalty is beautiful! We tie our outward appearance (and other’s perception of our appearance) to our inner confidence and that is exactly why we, as a society, struggle with low self-esteem and can easily be destroyed by one comment by a stranger on social media. Continue reading