Did I Pass the Test?

Sunday night I watched a show where a celebrity was tasked with transforming a man’s life. No breaking news there, haha! Just like a lot of transformations, the first step was to test the man’s inner strength and determination…basically to see if he would quit his journey before it even started.  After the initial test, the man asked the celebrity-“did I pass the test”? I’m happy to say he passed with flying colors and it seemed like (as much as it can in an hour) that he was well on the way to a much more fulfilling life because of the experience.

pass-failThe question he asked really got me thinking…did I pass the test?  We are taught this mentality from such an early age-did I pass or fail?  Our society wants to put everyone into a box that we can label and easily identify, but this is highly counterproductive when trying to encourage someone to be their best self. What if your best self doesn’t fit neatly into the box? I say, go create your own box! Live the life you want, not the life everyone else tells you to want or how to act or what to think.

It’s actually quite fitting that I am writing this now, as I don’t believe in irony or coincidence. I think things happen how and when they are meant to happen…they happen for a reason. Last week, as I was preparing to speak to a group of women that have completed their cancer treatments, I was hoping to be inspirational, uplifting, empowering, and encouraging.  In my prepared remarks,  I planned to share some of my favorite quotes from Elizabeth Gilbert, Joel Osteen, Oprah and a few others. It wasn’t until about 3 hours before my presentation when one of my best friends on earth said to me…that’s great, but what do you think? What would you say to those women? Oh my, I was in trouble! Now I was thinking and rethinking and then I thought again!  Just those few words and a couple questions later, my world was turned upside down (thanks “Thelma”)!  You mean I can’t hide behind great words from people I admire? I have to actually tell them what is in my head? That’s scary and so intimidating. Continue reading

We’re going to see Oprah!

DSC03672Have you ever had a bucket list item you really wanted to check off your list? If so, you will understand how excited I am to share this story with you!  Earlier this year I received an email with information about a pre-sale opportunity to attend Oprah’s the Life You Want Weekend.  Like some of you, I watched The Oprah Winfrey Show, read O Magazine, and occasionally watch her network, OWN.  But this was different. This was a chance to see her in person, to hear her and her “trailblazers” speak about life, spirituality and how to live the life you want.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic!

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