Embracing the Life You Have

Today I want to share with you an experience I loved!  My Diddy mama and i (yes, I know I spelled it that way, but that’s what I call him) would say you don’t love things, you love people…but I did love this weekend, this entire experience and I loved sharing with it with my mom for her birthday surprise!  After spending two full hours with Oprah on Friday night, I wondered if day 2 could possibly live up to the magnetism she brought to the stage the night before.  I quickly learned the answer to that question was, absolutely yes! The recurring theme from that day was, the life you want begins with embracing the life you have and the life you have is a miracle. Continue reading

Welcome to Get Flossy!

_1780338219Why write a blog? What in the world are you going to write about? Will anyone care? Will anyone read it? Those are just a few of the questions that popped in and out, and in and out of my head when I contemplated beginning this journey with all of you.  Sure, I could find something to share with you, but would it be helpful, informative, funny or enjoyable? Who knew?  I thought about a valuable lesson my mother taught me very early on in life…sometimes you just have to close your eyes and go!  And with that in mind, welcome to Get Flossy! Continue reading