The Pure Barre Lifestyle+Giveaway

PBHow appropriate is it that as I sit down to share with you my excitement for Pure Barre, my whole body is still shaking from class today!  That is one of the many things I love about Pure Barre, when you work hard you feel it. As I always say…if it hurts, it works!

This journey really started 2 years ago.  Prior to October 26, 2012 I was pretty much an occasional “work-er out-er”, which is to say I would work out on occasion or for an occasion.  You know the deal, you have an event to go to and you want to wear this dress and it’s just a little too “fitted”…as in, I can’t breathe or I’ll pop the zipper! Or I would go on these binges where I would work out for a few weeks or months and then fall off the fitness wagon again.  I never really found anything that I would commit to long term and that I enjoyed.  But as soon as I saw that a Pure Barre was opening less than a mile from my house, I was ecstatic!  Not because I had taken a ton of Pure Barre classes in another city, or had a friend that raved about their experience, but because I just had a feeling that this would be a game changer. Boy was I right about that feeling!

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