Are you leaving your mark on the world?


imageAs we were walking along the beach a few days ago, I started looking down at the sand and saw the footprints of others that recently walked a similar path. I began thinking…am I leaving the mark on the world that I want to leave? What is my mark? There is no way to walk exactly the same steps or take the same exact path from day to day, so it’s so important that we leave things a little better and that we, as individuals, leave a little better than we were before.

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What is your WHY?

what is your whyDo you ever ask yourself why? Why do you wake up, get out of bed and tackle the day? Why are you in that job, married to that person or on that course in life?  I feel like most people are asking themselves these questions, at least on occasion, because I literally have people share with me weekly that they are indeed asking this very important question…why? Continue reading

What will your legacy be?

So have to start my share time with you today by being completely honest and admitting that I did not follow my own advice last week…I did not listen to my stomach.  I actually did the exact opposite and fell into a big mess!  It caused a lot of unnecessary stress, tension and maybe a few ugly words.  To make a very long story short, when someone asked if I could pay for a business expense, my gut said not to do it… for some strange reason that I cannot explain, I did it anyway and it didn’t end well. To the point of almost lashing out at the lady at American Airlines, tears and a overly stressful Friday afternoon.  The good news is, if I had of trusted my gut this wouldn’t have happened, so my post on listening to your stomach (aka gut) works! I’m making a conscience effort to do better this week! ;-) Disclaimer-This is a part of my relentless need to find the silver lining to every cloud!

Ok, now on to the message for this week:

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