My Christmas wish

This time of the year most of us get asked the same question pretty frequently…what do you want for Christmas? wish list In the past, I have been able to think of a few things I would really like to have-an outfit, a pair of shoes, something for our house, etc.  We can always think of something we would like to have that we may not would buy for ourselves right?  After thinking about it a lot this year, the one thing I want more than anything and the one thing I do not want to live without is, the health of my loved ones.

In order to truly understand this Christmas wish, it’s important to have some background information.  This year on Thanksgiving Day, I visited 3 different hospitals in 3 different counties.  Yes, you read that right…3 people very near and dear to me spent their Thanksgiving in a hospital rather than at home with us, their family.  I am happy and thankful to report everyone is doing ok, and seems to be recovering well, but that does not dilute the reality that being in good health is usually underrated and often taken for granted.  Continue reading

Attitude of Gratitude

gratitude-beachThere are so many things going on in the world and in our everyday life, good and bad, that we can’t control.  I tell clients, friends, etc. all the time-often you have zero control over the outcome of a situation, but you have 100% control over your preparations for it. So I choose to control what I can, having an attitude of gratitude-and let go of what I have no control over.

While reading a book at the beach over the weekend, I was compelled to Continue reading

Patience and Perspective

thanksssHave you ever hear the John Lennon quote, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”?  That is exactly what happened to me this year at Thanksgiving! As Tim, Marley and I were heading to Raleigh the day before Thanksgiving, we were talking about what we are thankful for and I was making notes for a “thankful” post to share with all of you.  We were listing pretty typical things: family, friends, health, knowledge, life experiences, etc.  Little did I know that 12 hours later my list would change dramatically! Continue reading

Honoring Our Heroes

veterans-day-observance-nbbcOften it seems like people only feel patriotic a few days a year-Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day.  After a wonderful birthday dinner with my family last night, I was reminded of why we should be patriotic every day.  The brave men and women of our armed forces endure things, experience things and engage in things we cannot even begin to understand.  Conceptually we know they train, they spend time away from their families and they defend our country, but what does that really mean to someone who has never seen a war field, a battleship or a fighter jet? As the amazing Coach Krzyzewski recently said, “the fact that we are a free country and we don’t play home games here is a result of having boots on the ground.” I don’t think we can ever underestimate the sacrifices they have made and continue to make, or the level of appreciation we should show them in respect for those sacrifices.    Continue reading