Alfred M. Sears latest launch, United We Stand Paperback


Can page is exciting and easy to read and entertain, pulling the reader deeper and deeper into the plot.



Big Al, the organized crime boss, is living a life full of drugs, wealth, and guns, and is engaged in a triangle of love that is bringing his organization through the hardest time to date.

Practice tests its chances and leadership, which can not fail in the face of dangerous threats, proving that when it comes to street code law, a relationship is a must. Nisha, the Big Als kid, is part of a man’s love triangle (another drug boss) in her past that brings problems to her future. The various bosses ‘ mentality consumes their zeal, absorbing their understanding of the actions taking place in their harsh culture, and problems are coming, generating consequences for what’s right and wrong. For brain versus aggression, loyalty and unity and power emerge, while neighbors are completely separated by the two gangs. Death is to be thought through before dishonor. The book is an action-packed novel that revolves around problems in urban society that emerge in many relationships and communities.


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